Facebook October 26, 2020
The Board of Trustees

The board of trustees for the Mgr. W.J. Conway Public Library of Edmundston is composed of 9 trustees whose principal tasks include:

  • Representing the interests of the community with the municipal authorities and provincial government;
  • Promoting the library to the community;
  • Accepting and managing donations and gifts;
  • Collecting funds;
  • Making suggestions and participating in the development of programs with library staff;
  • Developing local collections (in collaboration with the Regional Director and with the approval of the Executive Director of the NBPLS);
  • Recruiting volunteers to help provide library services.


The board of trustees is composed of the following members:

Lisa Côté, President

Marc Cool, secretary

Margaret Thorne, Treasurer

Éric McGuire,  Municipal Counselor

Jeanne Brideau-Morency, Trustee

Nicole Levesque, Trustee

Lise Coté, Trustee

Cheryl Michaud, Trustee