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Services from A to Z



The public library produces an activity program three times a year: in the spring, fall and winter. We offer a wide variety of activities and workshops for everyone. We also provide press releases to the media and anyone interested in being a part of our distribution list. Signing up for it is free.

Acquisitions (New books and other items)

The new acquisitions list is updated once a month. Subscribe to our distribution list to be the first to consult our new items.


Thanks to the partnership between the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and the Edmundston public library, we offer a computer that has software designed for people who have difficulty reading text. It is possible to enlarge the text and images on the screen, or have the text read by an electronic voice. In addition, the computer desk can be adjusted to accommodate any type of rolling chair. Do not hesitate to sign up for a training session at the reference desk.

See also Service to disabled patrons

Annual Reports

The library publishes an annual report summarizing the year's accomplishments.

Book Drop

When the library is closed, the book drop on the Irène Street side allows you to return your books on time. Be sure to place the book far enough into the book drop that it will slide into the bin.



Our collection of books at the Edmundston public library totals approximately 50, 000 items for all ages and tastes, and you are not limited to this collection alone. Your library card allows you to place holds on items in all the public libraries of the province, which is close to 1.8 million.

The young adult and adult collection on the 2nd floor of the library consists of all the books and items available for loan for these age groups in both languages.

  • Novels
  • Non fiction on various subjects, including biographies
  • Graphic novels and manga
  • Magazines
  • Audio-visual documents (CDs et DVDs)


The children's collection is diverse. Did you know that in addition to books by Robert Munsch, the Caillou series, or books on animals, we also offer:

Beginning reader

These books are a separate section and are specially selected to help children who are beginning to read. Here you will find easy-to-read books.

Braille collection

We have a collection of storybooks in text and in Braille that allows parents or children without vision problems to read a story to their parents or children with vision problems.

Collection for parents

This developing collection includes recipes for babies, picture books for young children on subjects such as mourning, intimidation, sleep, mental health, etc.


The reference collection is available for consultation at the library. It consists of works such as atlases, dictionaries, encyclopediae and much more.

If you want to do genealogical research, come see us, we can help you start your family tree.

The Heritage Room collection aims to gather together, preserve and offer permanent access to items that are of importance to the region.


The 14 computers with Internet access are accessible for free during library hours. The computer lab consists of 8 computers and one screen that enlarges text for people with vision problems. Two computers with 30 minutes session are available for you to check your email. There are two computers in the children's section accessible to children 12 years and under. On the 2nd floor, two other computers are available. Your library card gives you the opportunity to have 2 computer sessions a day.

See Workshops


Disabled patrons

The library is accessible for patrons with disabilities.

See Accessibility

Donations of books


You can donate your books to us anytime during the hours of operation of the Edmundston public library. According to the quality of the donation, the books could be integrated into our collection or put in our used books sale which takes place twice a month. Money made by the book sales serves to buy new books for our collection.

If you would like to give us a special donation, such as a collection of books on a specific subject, contact us to discuss the procedures at 735-4713.


Electronic Resources

The Electronic Resources include magazines and newspapers accessible online which cover diverse topics of interest in current affairs and health. The public libraries of New Brunswick offer access to the following electronic resources:


• Canadian Newsstand

• Canadian Reference Center

• Cochrane Library

• Electric Library Canada

• Health Source : Consumer Edition

• Repère

• Santé en français

• Tell Me More

• Universalis et Universalis Junior

The Electronic Resources are accessible in the public libraries and on the NBPLS website. The service is free, but you must possess a library card to access them. To log in, enter the last 9 numbers of your user number as they appear on your library card.


Regular exhibitions at the public library highlight the talents of regional artists who would like to take advantage of the opportunity. We are intent on offering regional displays to interested artists. Please contact the Young Adult and Adult services librarian at 506-737-6864 to receive more information.


Fax Machines

See Photocopiers

Federal Government Publications

The Edmundston public library in receives government publications. We regularly receive various brochures in French and English local or regional interest created by the federal government. These documents can be found next to the new arrivals section.


If you are beginning your genealogical research, visit the following section on our provincial website as well as our Heritage Room. You will find numerous ways at the library to start your research with success.

Guided Visits

The library staff is happy to offer guided visits of the library to people or groups who request them. Learn more by calling: 506-735-4713.



You can place holds on your items in any NBPLS library in person, online or by phone. In all cases, you will need your library card.

Inter-library Loans (ILL)

Inter-library loans allows you to obtain documents that are not available in the New Brunswick public library collection by requesting them from elsewhere in Canada or the world. The library requests books according to your needs and calls you when they are available for pick-up.

The service is free unless the library lending the items charges. You can keep them for a period varying between 2 weeks and one month. There is a maximum of 10 requests at a time.



You can laminate documents for a small fee at the circulation desk.

Late Fees

You can borrow up to 50 items for a duration of 3 weeks and you can renew your loans twice in person, by phone (506-735-4713) and by accessing your account on our website. We ask you to return your borrowed items on time. If you do not, you must pay late fees. Money made from the late fees serve to improve library services.


  • Lost or damaged item : Replacement cost of item, plus $5.00 (service charge)
  • Lost card : $2.00 (cost of replacement)
  • Late fees : $0.15 per item, each day (maximum of $3.00 per item)


Library Card

The library card is free for all residents of New Brunswick. You can request a library card online. During your first visit to the library, you must present proof of your identity that contains your current address in order to activate your card. The signature of a parent or guardian is necessary for children under the age of 13 years.

Visitors may obtain a library card for $ 20.00 a year.


Know all the details relating to loans.



The library has a selection of magazines for children, young adults and adults. Our Electronic Resources offers even more magazines that are available online.

My Account

Access your account online to check your loans, fees, or to place holds. You can also renew your loans or change your PIN.


Come read in a relaxing environment. We have the following newspapers in print format :


L'Info Week-end

Le Madawaska

Mi'kmaq-Maliseet Nations News

Telegraph Journal

For a complete list of all our electronic magazine and newspaper subscriptions, consult the Electronic Resources section. You will need your library card and PIN to access the database.


Photocopiers, scanners, printers and fax machines

You can make photocopies in black and white for 25¢/page or photocopies in colour for 50¢/page with our photocopier. The rates are the same for print from our computers. You can scan documents and send them to yourself by email for free. And finally you can use our fax machine to send your documents anywhere in the world. There are fees for this service.


Quaestio (Reference at a distance)

Quaestio is a provincial question and answer service by email. You can ask a question any time and you will receive a reply or at least a notice of reception in the 2 working days following your email.


Reading Garden BeauLieu de lecture

We have a reading garden that is in bloom all summer long. Come read on our benches in the shade or use our wireless Internet (wifi).

Remote Reference

See Quaestio.

Rules and Policies

All rules and policies of the New Brunswick Public Library Service are online.


You can renew your loans online, by phone 506-735-4713, in person at the loan desk or at our self check-out. You are allowed two renewals of three weeks each after the initial loan if the item is not on hold for another patron.

Rentals of Rooms or Reading Garden

To reserve a room, please communicate with Circulation Services at the library at 506-735-4713 and ask for the person responsible for room rentals or you can also contact the supervisor of the service at 506-737-6841. The library has rooms for all kinds of events such as business meetings, anniversaries, lectures, training courses, etc. You also have the opportunity to rent our reading garden. Here is our room rental policy which explains the rules of the contract, the costs, and the equipment available to rent.

Reserving a computer

The computers can be reserved up to two days in advance. Don't forget your library card !


When the library is open, you must return your items at the circulation desk at the entrance of the library. When the library is closed, the book drop on the Irène St. side allows you to return your books on time.


Study Rooms

The library has three study rooms that are available to everyone for working alone or with a group. Their use is free. First come, first served.


See Photocopiers

Self Check-Out

You can borrow library documents at the self-checkout quickly and confidentially.

Suggestion de lecture (Reading Suggestions—in French)

The Young Adult and Adult services staff members provide a binder with reading suggestions in French for all tastes. Don't hesitate to ask our staff to make suggestions, we would be happy to share our tastes, suggestions, and favourite books.


Televisions are available in the study rooms to view VHS, CDs, or DVDs. Headphones are mandatory.


Used Book Sale

Come look around in our used book store. You will find books, CDs, magazines, etc. New books are added periodically and depend on the donations we receive. Your price will be ours...


Virtual Reference Library (VRL)

The Virtual Reference Library is a collection of the best websites that were carefully chosen by New Brunswick public library staff. The sites all have reliable, quality content.


If you are visiting New Brunswick, you can obtain a temporary library card. There is a non-refundable annual fee of $ 20.00. You must obtain your temporary card in person at the library. All you need to do is present proof of your identity and address.

If you won't be in New Brunswick long, you can use our computers or wireless Internet for free.

Vision Catalogue

The Vision catalogue allows you to find and place holds on books or other items yourself from all 63 public libraries and bookmobiles in New Brunswick. If you are having trouble finding items, don't hesitate to ask our qualified staff for help.


Wireless Internet

The public library in Edmundston and the garden are access zones for our wireless Internet. You must have a laptop with a wireless card. Follow the directions to connect to the network, which is called BIBLIO.

See also Computers



Staff at the Edmundston public library are happy to offer the program Info-Savvy to community groups and library patrons. Mastering information includes knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and share it in a safe and ethical way.

The library offers workshops on the following subjects for students in Grades 5-12 as well as for the public.


Main workshops :

  • The Library and You
  • How to Evaluate Information
  • Print Reference Materials
  • Internet Safety
  • Research Techniques
  • Find What You Are Looking For @  your library ®
  • Vision


Additional Workshops :

  • Genealogy
  • Google
  • The Business World
  • The Work World
  • Reference and Plagiarism
  • Electronic Resources



For a duration of 6 sessions, Compu-Savvy teaches basic computer skills. You can also ask for free worksheets to learn on your own. For more information on the workshop schedules, or to set up a meeting, contact Reference Services at 506-737-6862.