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Wireless Internet

The public library in Edmundston and the garden are access zones for our wireless Internet. You must have a laptop with a wireless card. Follow the directions to connect to the network, which is called BIBLIO.

See also Computers



Staff at the Edmundston public library are happy to offer the program Info-Savvy to community groups and library patrons. Mastering information includes knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and share it in a safe and ethical way.

The library offers workshops on the following subjects for students in Grades 5-12 as well as for the public.


Main workshops :

  • The Library and You
  • How to Evaluate Information
  • Print Reference Materials
  • Internet Safety
  • Research Techniques
  • Find What You Are Looking For @  your library ®
  • Vision


Additional Workshops :

  • Genealogy
  • Google
  • The Business World
  • The Work World
  • Reference and Plagiarism
  • Electronic Resources



For a duration of 6 sessions, Compu-Savvy teaches basic computer skills. You can also ask for free worksheets to learn on your own. For more information on the workshop schedules, or to set up a meeting, contact Reference Services at 506-737-6862.